North Carolina Songstress, Kandikarmel Presents 2 Brand New Singles,''Fancy'' & ''Elevators'' Featuring T Rell

Latasha was born and raised in Hickory,Nc. May 22, 1989
At age 5 Latasha started singing in the church choir leading her own solo "Deep down in my heart".
Raised by her grandmother and two brothers, Latasha spent a lot of her child hood writing poems and books. At age 11 Latasha started free styling and writing her own songs, and created the name Karmel which means Vineyard. Kandi continued to follow her dreams until her life changed dramatically. Loosing her two brothers to federal prison Latasha was hurt,searching for security. she dropped out and started selling drugs, where she meet a guy who gave her the security she was searching for. Latasha still continued writing but surviving was more important to her. Leading down the wrong path Latasha went to jail while loosing her friends to the streets.
After getting out of jail Latasha remained hustling And lost her first love to the streets,Leaving her devastated. While trying to survive, she remained hustling, and more determined to follow her dreams. That's when Latasha aka Kandikarmel started recording at a studio called Center Streets Records ran by Rabbit who actually believed in Kandikarmel. Where she spent a lot of her time chasing her dreams, performing, but it didn't last long once Her Manager/Studio owner pasted away. So,Latasha started to invest In her own studio with the help of her mother and oldest brother (Player) while Getting her life back on track. Kandikarmel went back to school and received her G.E.D. While opening a cleaning franchise.
A year later Kandikarmel  meet with Kirk mayfield and Antonio Reed out of Atlanta for a music conference who gave Kandikarmel  advice on her music etc. Kirk mayfeild started managing Kandikarmel. A year later she came up with the name Kandikarmel which means a vineyard full of Kandi. 
Kandikarmel remained humbled and continued too follow her dreams. Running into young noble he also gave Kandi some some advice. When Latasha thought her life was on track she lost her Father in 2012, loosing a piece of her dream, to help her father get off the streets and off drugs. She felt like a failure but remained strong and determined. In 2013 she lost her grandmother, 2014 she lost her step father who helped raised her. Kandikarmel realized it was time to really get her family away to start a new life, while opening a Hairstore with her mother , Kandikarmel meet a studio owner name Micheal Izzard and started recording her material at Audiobox studios where she meet Aj who produces Her music now. Releasing her first single money,money,money. Remaining independent Kandikarmel Performed in Atlanta, Hickory, Shelby, and Charlotte where she ran into Debra Antney and Jjackson at the be100 contest in 2014. That's when Jjackson who became her marketing manager, while remaining independent. Kandikarmel did a radio interview for be100radio, a photo shoot and a video for her single All I know is money. Also, kandikarmel invested in a App, to promote her brand. She also, performed for Cx1djs in Atlanta where Latasha received support and love from the crowd.  Determining to make her dreams come true Latasha went to New York on a business call, while meeting The lots, Heather B , Sway in the Morning and KCamp who also gave Latasha positive input. Latasha released her first album "Don't Judge Me Join Me" on March 17,2015. KandiKarmel now has a line out called "I love the hustle" Also the video as well on YouTube. 
IG : kandikarmel_thehustle. 
She also have a freestyle on YouTube Feat. Blood raw! 
Kandikarmel has two hit songs "Fancy" you can get it on iTunes. "Fancy" was played on Power98 Radio station and also placed on there website as the Next Big Thing. Kandikarmel also featured in the hit series "Empire" as and extra, while taking acting and modeling classes for John Casablanca. Kandikarmel also, released a single called Elevators Feat. T Rell which is now iTunes, Spotify, amazon etc. as well. Kandikarmel is also, featured on! 
Latasha AkA Kandikarmel continues too follow her dreams while being influenced by her cousin Sidney Rice Kandi knows the sky is the limit. 

Social network
Fb : Kandikarmel 
Instagram: Kandikarmel 
Twitter : kandikarmel100
SoundCloud: kandikarmel

Kandikarmel- "Fancy"

Kandikarmel- "Elevators" Feat. T rell

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