This year Positive ID put a team together to throw his own events, and take control of his own promo.
Production is with one Elite producer by the name of  Brent Mania, who introduced him to Kristen.  Between the three of them, they got the ball rolling for his promo, but she really believes in him and now are an official team!!  They are a unit
 together and hope to build together with the music game. Granted, they had some speed bumps with their first show, but Positive ID and Kristen were rookies. So they are taking a step back to view, repair, and plan to stay building for events.
Fundraisers, showcases, and hope to be a force to be reckoned with in the near future!
Xscape Entertainment has formed!
Those that don't know him, he is Positive ID!
Repping for Torrington CTIt%20ain%27t%20the%20same%20%28%20Hip%20Hop%20Game%29.mp3

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