RAGENI pronounced (Rage-N-i) is an American rapper from Connecticut who've made a name for himself not only locally but nationally when he headlined the MMGL (Maybach Music Group Latino) "We Own The Night Tour" in Ohio, USA. Opening a wide fanbase outside of Connecticut Rageni also made a huge name for himself internationally overseas in Europe, Africa, Angola, Belgium, and Canada when he featured on the Hit Single "Cash Bro" with Bugatti Fast Life a famous french hip hop artist. With his national and international "buzz" he later teamed up with a few well known Hip Hop artists and formed the new super group called "The Project". Teaming up with Wutang Management and E One Entertainment (formally known as Knoch Records) they've released there first EP titled "Declaration Of Our Dictatorship" which reached high numbers on the internet and social media. Continuing with his success of touring he's done multipule shows with Cappadonna, Wutang Clan, Buddha Monk, Judah Priest and Brooklyn Zu all of Wutang family. And he's also done countless shows with Hip Hop legends like Keith Murray, Parish Smith PMD of EPMD, Spliff Star, Freeway of State Property/Rocafella and reggae superstar Jr Reid. Earning a top spot on the "2013 BET HIP HOP AWARDS" mixtape Rageni proved he's no amateur. Gaining a sponsorship with FL20 Clothing, Sneakerwarz, Lyfe Clothing, Toasted Apparel, and Snapback King he proved that he's anything but a underground local rapper. Building both of his brands Rageni Music and Teflyon Entertainment he's open doors in the entertainment world for himself as well as Connecticut artist on a major scale. In late 2014 he linked up with the musical icon Spliff Star and his label PaperRock Records. In 2015 he launched his own clothing line called TEFLYON SOCIETY. And he really made an impact on the big screen when he PRODUCED and CO-DIRECTED a music video called "BIG RINGS" by SPLIFF STAR featuring BUSTA RHYMES and BUGS KALUNE. Which unites the greatest hip hop duo (Spliff Star and Busta Rhymes of Flipmode Squad) who havent been on the big screen together since the award winning multiplatinum single "Give it to me" Featuring Mariah Carey...


Born on May 2nd, 1987. Marcus "Rageni" Green was born in the streets of Bridgeport, Connecticut. On March 18, 1990 he was introduced to violence at a young age when he witnessed his pregnant mother and older brother get murdered in the front of him along with everyone else in his household leaving him the only survivor. Earning his way into history for being the first family massacre in CT and surviving the events he reached the attention from the public eye. Raised by his father a former musician of the United Soul Band he found the love for music at a young age. In elementary school instead of doing class and homework he was writing music. Influenced by the poetic writing and acting skills of Tupac Shakur, he began to write small plays and skits for his school. To keep him and his friends out of trouble he formed a rap group in the school and wrote lyrics for everybody in the group. Finding a studio soon after they were introduced to the productive side of the business at a very young age. He spent long days after school and nights learning how to work the boards and became a quick hands on learner with analog recording. March 10, 2001 he earned his way in history again along with his group Teflyon Millitant, had earned their way into the Hall Of Fame in the entertainment world for being the first rap/hip hop group to be featured in a Editorial Stage play with the Greater Bridgeport Symphony and Orchestra which Rageni had written the whole piece. As a young MC Rageni has collaborated on songs with big shots such as Drez from M.O.P/First Family and Scarface and many more... He also featured on the global Compilation Album "Im A Winner" which was sold in stores around the world. With the Connecticut crime rate at its highest, music began to be his way of staying away from the vicious street life. Loosing his best friend, step brother, and many more family members and childhood friends to violence he made his decision to use music as a way to escape the streets of Connecticut. Focusing on the business aspect of the entertainment industry, Rageni has turned his childhood rap group into a business where he became the founder and owner of Teflyon Entertainment, LLC. Giving him and his surrounding community a platform in today's corporate world by doing community events for the youth and unfortunate families. With his unique musical talent he has expanded his fan base across the globe in places like France, Africa, Puerto Rico, US and more. After 2+ years of medical school and numerous certifications, Rageni noticed that music and entertaining people is his main focus...

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