So Just Keep an Ear And An Eye Out For Fame Johnson And 2020 Vision Entertainment #musicmoney meets Compton born @FameAbebk for his latest track Way Away

Where Are You From: 

I'm Originally From Compton California Around The Luders Park Area I Was Born There And Raised Until I Was Around 8 Then We Moved To San Diego California Around The 45th And Logan Area.....And Then We Eventually Came To Texas And Settled Where I Was Not Really Tryna Settle But After Years Of Being Out Here And My Mother Passing From HIV Out Here I Ended Up Staying And Receiving The Love From Homies And Family Members Out Here Extended And Immediate I Called Up Under The Hill In Victoria Texas My Home And I Rep That Forever It's Just So Much History And Things There I Cannot Forget It

Describe your sound: 

My Sound Is Very Diverse I Could Say I Mean I Can sing I Can Rap I Can Do Pop I Just Don't Try To Box Myself InTo One Lane So If I Have To Say My Sound Doesn't Really Have A Description

Tell us about your latest track: 

My Latest Track Is Called "Way Away" ft. DOC & E3...And Its Basically Addressing Getting Away From All The Negative Energies And Vibes And Haters It's A Great summer Type Vibe Song Especially With The Visual U Can See The Visual Here…

Who inspires you? 

Ummm Inspirations I Have Many But I Really Pay Attention To The Entrepreneur's in The Game And How They Built Up Their Empire So On That Note My Inspirations Are People Like Master P....Rick Ross.....Jay Z....Coach K And The QC Label...Young Jeezy.....James Prince....Trae The Truth...The Late Great Nipsey Hussle...The Late Great 50 Pak From My Very Own HomeTown....Believe It Or Not Suge Knight When DeathRow Was Up....And Of Course P Diddy...Wiz Khalifa....Drake You Know People Like That..Cause Ultimately Im Tryna Build An Empire

Where do you see your career in 5 years? 

5 Years From If All The Blessings Come Thru If God Willing I See Myself With A Full Fledged Label Up And Running  With Artists And Producers And Everything Which We Already Have On The Label....But Yea Thats Where I See Myself It Just Takes Focus And Dedication And Work And Paying Attention As Well too

Where can we check out your sounds? 

You Can Definitely Just Type Fame Johnson In The Google Search Bar And Everything Will Pop Up 

Tell us something about yourself that people need to know? 

People Need To That I'm Coming For The Top Spot Or At Least Somewhere Up There And That I'm Very Humble In saying That But We/I'm Down Here In South Texas Working Hard And Diligently and Im Focused So Just Keep an Ear And An Eye Out For Fame Johnson And 2020 Vision Entertainment!

Snapchat: fame_johnson1





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