There is a reason that T-Ferg -- born Terrance Ferguson in the infamous Shaffer Village Projects on the north side of Buffalo, NY -- is quickly becoming one of the most successful Hip Hop artists ever to come out of Buffalo. 
…A reason that the group he first sang with, Dem Dynasty Boyz, won Upstate New York’s Hip Hop Group of the Year and opened for national recording artist Roscoe Dash. A reason that, more recently, as a solo independent artist, he has been nominated several times for Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Music Video of the Year for Upstate All Stars for Independent Artists. 
…A reason that later this year, he will be the featured artist on the mixtape, 50 States – 50 DJs, Volume 7, with his picture on the cover. And a reason that he has just received his first industry credit for his collaboration record with national recording artist J-Hood (formerly with The Lox, comprising J-Hood, Styles P and Jadakiss)…
But it isn’t the reason you might think. Indeed, it didn’t have to happen at all -- that T-Ferg would escape the usual destiny of kids born into poverty. …Actually, maybe it did have to happen. For in a real sense, T-Ferg has been destined to become one of Buffalo’s Hip Hop Greats. And therein lies the T-Ferg Story.
The T-Ferg Story
It was in 1998 that Terrance’s destiny was first presented to him. He was 8 years old, attending a church service with his father. That Sunday, the church had a guest speaker who was a prophet. In mid-sermon, the prophet stopped, called Terrance by name up to the altar, and told him: “God has a plan for your life, he’s going to use you in a mighty way to bring glory to His name and he is going to do it through music.” He added, “He wants you to know you’re going to be one of the greatest rap artists to ever come out of Buffalo, NY.” 
Terrance’s father laughed and said “my son is not a rapper. He’s a football player. He’s going to be an NFL football player.” Yet the prophet insisted, “That’s what you think, but God has other plans for him.” At the time, Terrance didn’t know a thing about rapping, much less making music. 
Living on Buffalo’s north side, approaching his teenage years, Terrance would soon be introduced to the lifestyle of the urban community. Watching his friends turn into either drug addicts or drug dealers, he realized at an early age that he did not want to take that same route. The fast money was very tempting and he could easily have gotten plugged in with a connect but he knew that was a dead end. Dodging the destructive obstacle of a drug life was a great choice for Terrance but it was just a matter of time before he fell into a trap of his own.
By the age of 17, Terrance had made football his passion, but when he suffered a torn ACL, no college wanted to accept him. Devastated and having lost interest in playing football, he decided to make music to vent his frustration. Music was an outlet to release his anger and disappointment.
He also noticed that everybody who made music was popular with the women, and he wanted that same fame. It was a plan that was working. Becoming more popular with the females, Terrance fell into an addiction of his own. Loving all the attention he was getting, he found himself focusing less on lyrics and more on ladies. Today, when asked about his addiction to women, he describes it as “one of the most irresponsible times of my life,” a time when he didn’t care about disease, pregnancy, or anything else that came with it. 
Fortunately, God saved Terrance from himself, offering a wakeup call that got him back on track. He survived it, and in 2008, Terrance (now going by the name T-Ferg) linked up with Mel “Stacks” Banks to form the group Dem Dynasty Boyz. Eventually adding Cody “Cody-Mane” Tull, the group gained recognition, including radio interviews, winning Hip Hop group of the year honors for upstate NY and opening for a national recording artist.
Now 23 and an independent artist, T-Ferg’s story comes full circle back to that prophecy years earlier. Lyrics from his latest single, “Keep Pushing,” reflect the prophecy: “Failure is not an option, I got to just keep my faith cause I know what my God has promised…” That promise is coming true. T-Ferg is more determined than ever to fulfill it, “becoming the greatest rap artist out of Buffalo, NY.” 
“Keep Pushing,” which begins with narration from national motivational speaker Eric Thomas, has gotten him nominated for Upstate All Stars for Independent Artists’ Song of the Year and other honors. 
In addition, a mixtape he released this past March 2015, called “Rise of a Rebel,” has become the featured mixtape on both Upstate All and He has also received industry credit with his work collaborating with national recording artist J-Hood. 
Having recently signed with new management, Firehouze Entertainment, T-Ferg is working on his first album, My Reality, to be released later this year. It is his most heart-felt work yet, speaking of his struggles as an independent artist as well as for the people in urban communities everywhere, who have been in bad situations and could use the inspiration of their own prophecies of success… because that’s what the T-Ferg story is really all about.
“Keep Pushing” is available on Pandora Radio. You can stay updated with T-Ferg's latest music and videos on his website

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