The fact that the 49ers are shopping defensive lineman

Solomon Thomas is being viewed in some circles as even more proof that the team will draft defensive end Nick Bosa. But some are wondering whether the decision to cut the cord on the third overall pick in the 2017 draft will prompt the 49ers to go a different way.Two years ago Joey Bosa Jersey , the 49ers felt very good about their first round. They squeezed multiple extra picks out of the Bears via a one-pick flip-flop, and they claimed to have gotten the guy they wanted at No. 2 (Thomas) and the guy they would have taken at No. 3 if Thomas were gone (Reuben Foster).Both guys have failed, Foster miserably and Thomas more gradually. As one astute league insider observed earlier today in a conversation regarding the 49ers’ prospects at No. 2, the 49ers could decide to play it safe. And playing it safe could mean taking Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams over Bosa.Bosa has a tremendous upside Tony Pollard Jersey , but there are a few potential red flags. He may hold out like his brother did. He prefers unconventional training methods. He’s regarded as injury prone. He Twitter habits have raised eyebrows, along with concerns about what could happen in the locker room regarding his political and societal views.So if the 49ers hope to make up for a failed first round in 2017 by playing it safer tonight, the safer pick could be Williams, not Bosa. Defensive end Cam Heyward knows what the Steelers can’t do after starting the season with three straight losses.Heyward said there have been “mistakes everywhere” in those losses Noah Fant Jersey , so no one should be pointing fingers of blame for what’s gone wrong. If anyone does go that route, Heyward said he’ll “break their finger” but he’d prefer everyone just focus on what’s ahead of them against the Bengals rather than what’s happened in the past.“We just have to get this ‘W’,” Heyward said, via the team’s website. “That”s all it comes down to. I don’t care how it gets done Dalton Risner Jersey , it has to get done. Our execution has to be flawless from here on out. Our room for error is out the window. We have to be perfect in everything we do, especially in practice. It’s my job to keep us accountable. It’s my job to keep guys ready for the opportunity. Both teams are 0-3 but one team is going to be 1-3 after this game.”The game against the Bengals takes place at the same time that the Browns play the Ravens in the first set of divisional games for all the AFC North teams. The Steelers will move on to face Baltimore the next week and Heyward says “the road is right in front of us” to turn things in a better direction after a dismal start to the year.

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