"With All This Going On, I'm Just Tryna Keep My Halo On" 

Pyro Traxx  (Song: Halo)

I know I know...it's been a minute but with all this Covid and black lynching going on I had to make sure my spirit was on point when linking with the people.

First and foremost my deepest condolences to those whom may have loss a loved one this year; May God provide healing and comfort to you and your family. I am sending love,peace, and great vibrations to those who have experienced injustice or just simply losses this year as well. Matter fact, I am sending LOVE to every one affected or unaffected by what is going on as we all could use some love and kindness. It has been a roller coaster for  us during these changing times but we are resilient and have the ability to adapt so we got this as we do all other opposition. 

Today's thoughts are not merely about BLM or COVID but one of love and checking in on my people. I miss seeing smiling and optimistic faces so hopefully everyone is doing good and staying positive.

I'm just here like that one cousin that never calls to say they are coming to your crib but they just pop up...That's me! lol

I'll be sure to check in more often but for now... I love you! May the Universe be our protector. We have great s*** to accomplish.

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