The Ultimate EMP Survival Kit 

Considering these can help adapt your Bug Out Plan to complement your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses, and give you a much higher chance of survival. Are you very fit? Great, you will be able to carry more survival supplies and plan a longer route. Do you know how to perform survival first aid? That could be vital if a member of your group gets hurt. Identifying weaknesses can be as simple as understanding what survival skills you need to train in. Can you build a fire reliably? Are you able to navigate at night with your map and compass? Do you have a working knowledge of plants and animals in your area? Learning these things and other survival skills will make your Bug Out Plan far stronger. Remember, the more skills you have, the less you need to carry.

Best practice for survival planning is to have at least 4 destinations as a part of your Bug Out Plan, one for each cardinal direction on the map (North, South, East, West). This can however be narrowed down due to both geography and the likeliness of particular events occurring. For example, if you lived on the western bank of the Mississippi River and were preparing for a flood, you would not need to consider bugging out to the East. Having multiple destinations in your plan, as well as multiple routes to each adds a level of flexibility that simply must be planned out ahead of time. Going through this planning effort will make you ready no matter what disaster fate throws at you.

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