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Originally from Jackson, TN. Derris Montrezdamirra Gunn brings to you a array of HipHop Music like never before. One way to describe it, If you put all your favorite HipHop Artist in a bag and shook it up to make a recipe The combination would probably make Trezdamirra. In a Game, ran by perspective Derris was always Trez but in the early 1990's After hearing Easy E feat. BG Knocc Out and Dresta! One freestyle rhyme , changed a Young Montrez when he freestyled Dresta and Trezda in a freestyle rap! That was practically, the part of the rap name given! The next part of the rap name came from a poem written by a great English writer named Sylvia Plath in Mirror! After studying, the poem for a Homework assignment Trezdamirra was born! "I named my self Trezdamirra because it gave me the power to come from every perpective of the game" "I didn't want people to put me in a box so knowing that the mirror is really God's Eye I try to invent new things and mostly stay true!

Its kind of funny, sometimes when I write stuff I might end up giving what I wrote to another artist! However, when they say it you can't tell I wrote it Jokes on you! The truth is I could always write but freestyle rapping was a problem until Dope Down Terror was formed. In a group, with Sentell of Transcendent you better learn how to freestyle so that's what happened! The group never broke up Sentell moved to Memphis TN and I stayed in Jackson TN recording songs! Before you knew it, I had alot of songs with different types of producers! I guess you can say those were the beginning days of being Trezdamirra! Alot of those songs made Tennessee WorldWide Underground Vol. 1 a lot didn't make it but you gotta charge that to the game!

Nowadays, I'am just glad to still be around ! Currently, I'am working on my New E.P. Tennessey like Hennessey! I love it! We just finished shooting my first video titled Boom its really dope! Yeah, After all that Iheart Radio stuff its time to get in they a**! That's what I felt like! So be on the Look out for my new Single Boom produced by DJ Slym Got Dat Heat and mastered by Universal Music Studios! Video shot by 731 Media!

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