The inverter the equipment which converts the DC power (battery and accumulator) into AC power (normally is 220V ,50HZ pure sine wave or modified sine wave). Common solar controller suppliers emergency power supply converts s DC battery into 220V AC power. Quite simply, the inverter is a kind of equipment convert DC into AC.

The inverter is a good selection, no matter in remote village or emergency power supply in field. UPS can be used in the battery DC into AC for computer, to prevent date loss caused by power failure. It can provide power supply continuously, possess a certain safety and reliability. Inverter also can match with generator equipment very well. it can economize on fuel efficiently, reduce noise. Inverter is an essential charge controller suppliers part in solar energy and wind energy field. Small and portable size inverter also provide AC power by using car, ship, portable power supply equipment in outdoor.

GuangZhou HanFong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.-a power inverter manufacturers. Provide high quality power inverter and solar inverters prices is not expensive.

Solar inverter manufacturers “Hanfong tech” launched the new series...
Guangzhou Hanfong New Energy Technology Company’s 2016 Spring Festi...
The fuse's function and inverter's wave form

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