The winter months are upon us and everyone is clear on one fact, that DTB SMOOVE is not only one of the hottest coming out the midwest region, but one of the hottest in the U.S period! With the success of the "MIDWEST BABY 2" mixtape, unbelievable advances have surfaced and doors of opportunities has opened abundantly. This humble act of talent has paid multiple dues to receive the deserving credit he's been accepting and a huge announcement is soon to charge his fanbase even more by January 1, 2019. Dictating who's the next to take the crown has always created arguments, but DTB is making that argument hard to exist with the constant delivery of hits and consistency amongst his rivals. It's safe to say that even his competitors acknowledge the efforts of dedication and quality that DTB publicizes to his incredibly growing fanbase. Taking measures to new levels are the only objectives in the near future for DTB and settling isn't an option, so gear up for a midwest explosion of music, DTB'S brand beeing seen everywhere and exclusive appearances on all video outlets for 2019!

Twitter: @dtbsmoove

Soundcloud: DTB Smoove

Youtube: DTB Smoove

Instagram: @dtbsmoove

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