We Are One Another's Keeper : The People Find The Train Man



Over the weekend there was a viral video floating around that shows a man forcibly carrying a woman off of a train and onto the platform as she screams for the person that was clearly sleeping hard as hell. She yells,"No. No. What the f---? What are you doing?"as he picks her up quick as hell and sits her onto the bench outside the train. Her friend gets up and the man then let's her go BUT the people on the train let him just walk off. I understand that maybe people were shocked but f** all that. They should've then put hands and feet on him but you cannot say what one should do in a situation that you were not present for. So, I am just happy that she is safe. From the video that I have seen there was another man recording prior to the assault and from what I have heard there was another video showing the man in the red tapping the girl on her leg first. So it is great that the person decided to record this encounter because it for sure led to him being arrested a few days later. 


Full Article Link >> https://www.nbcnews.com/news/crime-courts/video-shows-man-grab-woma...

Also, shout out to the good folks in the hood that caught up with the guy and put the pressure on him. Literally. They seriously put hands and feet on dude and due to the circulation of the video it led to his address/name. There was also another video of him attempting to tell his side of the story in which he states she asked him to save her from the guy who was sleeping. Which makes no damn sense to me. At All. 

I write this to say this.... LADIES BE CAREFUL OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS AT ALL TIMES. As I like to say, "Stay on point at all times G." MEN BE SAFE AS WELL. 

We are all we got out here so let's protect, uplift, and love one another throughout our journeys. 

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