Happy Friday everyone and as we all know that means those of us that still work a 9 to 5 cannot wait to be off. Many (besides myself) even have Columbus Day off (even tho we know he didn't discover America) so that means a 3 day weekend mini vacation my G. Must B Nice...... lol

So I am here today to leave you with some motivation that should not only get you lit but it may also help promote safety while you responsibly turn up or even just relax for these next off days. 

1. If you're off Monday. God bless your employer for honoring the "holiday" ... cause mine didn't give 2 s**** lol Go to that movie you've been wanting to see. Finally get that massage. Chill with ya draws on for hours while watching all that s*** that comes on while you are normally slaving at the workplace. LIVE EVERY MINUTE OF THAT PAID OFF DAY THAT YOU CAN FAM. 

2. If you are not off... We will still have a happy and relaxing ass weekend lol.  Just gotta go our unlucky selves to work Monday which sucks but life is life. Enjoy it responsibly and still be productive but make sure you're geared up for Monday because NO ONE IS GOING TO BE WORKING BUT YOU LOL. Not even USPS will see you that day.

3. Be safe. All that Henny makes you constipated and hungry and those are two deadly combinations my G. 

Friday Quote

“Hands up if you’re ready to do something you’ll regret this weekend. Go forth! You have my blessing.“
Florence Welch

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