Welcome To The Movement @MOB_OUT_ENT #MobOutEnt #RecordLabels #WelcomeToTheMovement

Welcome To The Movement 
#MobOutEnt #RecordLabels #WelcomeToTheMovement

Welcome to the Movement "Mob Out Entertainment"! Mob Out Ent founded & established in 2010 by CEO and Artist William “Biship” Graves. His vision was bigger than just making music. Not only did he want to create a platform for independent artists to shine and share their craft, but the most important thing for him was for each artist to stay true to who they are as individuals and artists.

Biship also takes the time to guide each artist under the MOB OUT ENT. umbrella to ensure they are educated with the knowledge and tools they will require to endure the music industry. This is more than just music, and as Biship puts it, “I’m a businessman because it’s a business man”

Breaking through in the music industry in 2022 is by far not easy. In other words, knowing and understanding what the music industry consists of is a crucial element of what being an artist in the present day takes.

Mob Out Ent. has a roster of artists and DJs consisting of; Biship (CEO, Artist & Shoe Designer), DJ Chemo (DJ & artist), DJ Sean Swift, Kalyssa (vocalist) 1st Lady of Mob Out ENT. Mike G, NTG & Yung Draw (Philly’s power couple), and Kuumba.

The one thing MOB OUT ENT. artists have in common is their passion for music. You can hear it from the lyrics they write, and how each artist integrates it into their music for their audience to be able to relate to. One of the main foundations of MOB OUT ENT. is dedication, hard work, and continuous grinding that never stops.

Mob Out Entertainment is what the industry has been missing.

Check out www.moboutentertainment.com for music, interviews, visuals, streaming platforms and more. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

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