Once again XO has raised the bar on visuals. Traveling to the West Coast and getting the hydraulics and his artist branding in the loop, BOC Entertainment artist is on the rise. He just had a review done on No Jumper and they all said the same thing "I’m gonna make this my intro on my channel", "This s*** is hard, etc". XO takes his self to the next level by leaving behind his guitar which as he has been come to be known for using- to using a West Coast rap beat that’s very smooth and catchy and you could nod your head to -which shows his versatility and the use of different beat makers to exemplify what he is going for.  Clean photography, clean videography, and dope effects- he uses real people in his videos, and it is very simple yet easy to follow. His branding is on point and independent artists really need to pay attention to XO and what he is doing. Even though he is the artist, he is representing his label which a lot of artists tend to forget and everybody in the video had a BOC sweatshirt on. I really like this song and I think it takes his career to the next phase.

(413) XOXO - "Mailman" (Official Music Video) - YouTube


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