YD Hendrix Takes Over The Streets With Her New Single & Video "Mind Right"

A lot of people today claim that Hip Hop is dead, but it's impossible for it to die out, when it's apart of our everyday lives. Artist like YD Hendrix can definitely vouch for this. She is definitely an unique, visionary, creative articulate song writer, who knows how to touch the heart of the people with her music. Her only goal is to become the next hip hop pioneer to make it from Brooklyn. Creating a legacy for her family to live off of is important.

YD Hendrix starts off the year right with this amazing new visual "Mind Right", that I find to be really dope. This video is definitely TV ready and was well put together. The concept of this song and her persona makes it easy for anybody to gravitate to it craving more.

The video starts out with YD Hendrix laying on the floor shot grasping for air, to time rewinding itself back with her telling her "Rich $oul" gang about her getting a record deal. Like many circles today, there are always snakes hating hoping you fail. Well YD Hendrix lets it be known in her new song that we are all need to salute each other, because we are all trying to make a name for ourselves and escape living in poverty. I highly recommend you check out this exclusive video and share it amongst your network.

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