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Desertstormradio (DSR) is a syndicate of DJ's worldwide! Each DJ represents DSR worldwide. Our DJ's perform at Celebrity Events, Night Clubs, Lounges, Concerts, and Private Parties around the world. Each DJ broadcasts LIVE from each of these events directly back to the Desertstormradio.com website! This gives you the listener the ability to listen to LIVE parties that you normally would not be able to listen to. Our method of music distribution is unto itself! We can take 1 single hand it out to the DJ's in our syndicate and your 1 single is instantly heard around the world in Nightclubs, on the RADIO, at Parties, and Celebrity Events. Millions of twitter followers can be contacted within seconds and we can put you on the map! If you are a artist considering advertising with Desertstormradio.com then please make sure you read below before purchasing.

Desertstormradio has a  NO REFUND policy without any exception. All advertising services are of Digtal Format and once applied there will be no refund on any and all Agreements/ Contracts made with Desertstormradio.com. All sales are final. It is important that you read this information before signing any and all agreements with Desertstormradio.com

Once a agreement/contract is submitted, it will be processed and can not be refunded for any reason; however a Letter of Credit is available if agreed upon by the owners of Desertstormradio.com This letter of credit will be issued to the customer for the amount agreed upon by the owners of desertstormradio.com


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