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$KMula-"Drip Respectfully"

$KMula debuts single "Drip Respectfully"…


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Cosmo - 'Criminal God'

Cosmo brings Freshman EP “Criminal God” to all streaming platforms. 

The project title begs explanation: “I directed this EP from the angle of a five-percenter. Growing  up, I learned from the energy of other five-percenters around me.  I wanted to portray the culture in a street way.  When you’re supposed to have knowledge of self and live righteous – but you’re doing the same wrong things as others – you gotta do…


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Papa Black Davinci: ‘Wrong ID’ Ft. Kokane

Papa Black Davinci releases “Wrong Idea” on all streaming platforms, January 26, 2021.

The single is an ode to veteran West Coast rappers Snoop Dogg, Kokane, and the late Bad Azz. He says, “I’m bringing that…


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Been There, Done That... Still Here

When you hear a song, you probably aren't wondering who worked on the production. Yet, someone, somewhere is the author of the musical arrangement you’re listening to. 

For Southern California native, Sean…


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Niki Rubin Pens 'Plead For Love' in Response to Trump Presidency

New Jersey native, Niki Rubin, has been singing and performing for as long as she can remember.  Recently, the singer has branched out on projects with local indie artists in the hip-hop and reggae circuits.

In addition to music, Rubin has been professionally acting for over 15 years. She…


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New Single ‘The Funk’ Out Now On iTunes by UK Rapper Playground

London rapper Playground has a motto that's simple:

                                   “Have fun with it.”

Playground’s debut single “The Funk” encourages listeners to have fun and indulge in their “inner funk.” The single targets all ages. People can expect lyricism, out of the box fun, and social commentary.

“The Funk” written and produced by Playground, is available for…


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