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Game Time

Steels The Great x Dwaine C

Released February 25, 2021

This easy -going beat has a definite East Coast vibe to it. Steels The Great laces this track with verses with enunciated vocabulary as well as cunning word play. You cannot be ready for Game Time without having Dwaine C smooth transitions on the hook. These two artists pair well…


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Welcome to the world of Kasey Babii. He has that smooth Southern swag with the trap feel that this region is known for figured out to a science. He has mastered the addition of the piano to some of his songs, mixing artistry with a catchy hook. His lyrics are crisp, clean, as well as the singing he does on every song. The passion you hear from this artist is…


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Temporary Forevers

This has a chill vibe to it, and the listener can pick up a glass of wine and go soak in the tub. This is a type of song that makes you look deep into self about having something just for the moment, and letting emotions go with the situation, a temporary forever.…


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Cardo Rich song “Hold It” Is taking the airwaves by storm. This playful, Caribbean type beat with the catchy hooks will have the listener singing baby can you hold it hold it after the first hook. Even though this song was released in 2019, it is new to the world! His versatile singing and rapping style can go along with any beat he chooses, and majority of the…


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OOZIN @prettypkkitty

OOZING “Pretty PK Kitty”

This beat will get your attention of the rip. It is different and has a pull to it to make the listener stay tuned for the whole thing. Pk is a lyrical monster and she definitely doesn’t disappoint in this song either. Oozing is a step up from the average “drip”. From her flare of the money dance and not spending a band…


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a·bun·dant /əˈbəndənt/…

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Og Embrace is back at it with his new single "All Of That".  This song has a vibe to it, sit back, and chill in a ride or on a porch on a nice day.  "I live like time borrowed" is something that is said that sticks out.  Og speaks on the love he has for his mother, and the turmoil he caused her in the past, and gives her her own props as well.  He…


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Ha$h Beeb$ is one of those slept on artists- the kind that you overlook and realize afterwards you should have given him a chance. He comes from New Mexico by way of Colorado and his presence is felt. He has only been in the industry a little over a year and has already been making a name for himself. His first show sold out and reached capacity. He…


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Get Back

Pone Pacino dropped another banger entitled “Get Back”. Coming from the south side of Louisville, Pone Pacino delivers the swag that the south is known for and it has nothing to do with Whiskey or horses. The song has a catchy beat and his punchlines will make a person stop and think about what he really is speaking on. “I ain’t never take a loss…


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