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Get Back

Pone Pacino dropped another banger entitled “Get Back”. Coming from the south side of Louisville, Pone Pacino delivers the swag that the south is known for and it has nothing to do with Whiskey or horses. The song has a catchy beat and his punchlines will make a person stop and think about what he really is speaking on. “I ain’t never take a loss…


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Meet Kilo M.O.E., the artist who plays the long game

The world of hip-hop is nothing short of a gladiator arena. Most artists are like meteors; they shine bright and then quickly fade away into oblivion. In such a world of one-hit wonders, it is no less than a surprise that Kilo M.O.E. has thrived in the industry for decades.

Like most music artists, Kilo M.O.E. also knew since childhood that he…


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Check out this West Coast rising star, Chevii Y. B.  His lyrical flow is very versatile and runs smooth over the beat that was chosen.  His choice of the beat goes along with smoking, a super chill ride out and vibe song.  He speaks on hustling for his and how he deals with day to day life smoking that Toxic going top speed, way to the check, yes…


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Milyssa Rose definitely has a variety of genres she dabbles in. From a deep soulful voice like Adele, to breaking boundaries like Lady Gaga and Kesha, she does it all. This song has a pop and r & b feel to it. Never Leave You has a catchy hook to it as well as both artists sounding in unison over the beat on the track.  Harmony is on point between…


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Really Really @JosephBills

Welcome to the world of Joseph Bills. He is ranked among the elite of the elite in Arizona’s hip hop scene. A genuine soul and a pure vibe to see his peers win and MAXOUT at every performance, he is the one to watch. With his single that has took over the airwaves, “Really Really” is a song that gets the juices flowing! His energy speaks on who really…


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Fresh off a feature on his song “Big Laps” featuring Manflyy, Joe Boii once again lights the city of Phoenix on fire wit his newest single “Giv’Em Hell”. They say he’s too hot, he be giving them hell is one smoking introduction to the Mississippi native. He delivers with his signature voice and adlib “Aye”, and the metaphors and verbiage used are…


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Jhiakhana - Sun Tzu (feat. BDOTLEE)

Jhiakhana representing the northern part of the Midwest in the state of Michigan, drops a banger featuring BDotLee. This song has a very chill vibe, a ride along song, and an East Coast influenced beat. This song and the tempo will bring back memories of years past. His lyricism is spot on and can hear hints of Mos Def and Pharaoh Monarch. The hook is…


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Albuquerque native Xilla is on the road less traveled and catching national attention. His witty flow and his pop off Eminem style of expression is a breath of fresh air. “Snitches in the city because the jail ain’t holdin’ them” sticks out in one of his verses. He has a dope, erratic beat, and it works with his lyricism and overall flow. Another one…


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Make sure to check out Solo Tyree, an Independent artist from Mobile, Al. Even though he started doing music later in his life, his passion, and strength sets him apart from the rest. He came from humble beginnings and speaks about it through his songs. The music he writes and sings can move mountains and speaks to the listeners soul. His most recent accomplishment is hitting one million streams on Soundcloud. Follow him on the listed links:…


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Time Freeze- Yung Laser ft Lyfe Lit

Time Freeze- Yung Laser ft Lyfe Lit

This is yet another single from the East Coast Independent artists Yung Laser and Lyfe Lit. Their witty lyrical verses are immersed all into this song. “Take the fruit of my labor, make a smoothie”. They are becoming professionals at blending both of their styles to make it into a really dope song.



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Kilo MOE comes after 'Watch what you say' with new single 'Walk In The Top'

Kilo MOE has been active for more than 20 years as a musician, producer and entertainer who has developed his sound and style the most broadly to capture the attention of everyone. Over time, the talented artist honed his qualities and abilities with a distinctive sound, to contribute to the hip-hop scene.

His music is mainly influenced by the sounds of the classics of the late 70's and early 80's, into which the hip-hop producer blends his addictive melodies to leave a lasting mark in…


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Kilo M.O.E drops his latest music video ‘Watch what you say’ perfectly created to add another jewel to his cap

Nurturing his natural skills for over 20 years, an artist, producer, entertainer, mogul, and entrepreneur who has evolved his sound and style most aptly with time to captivate the attention of all is Kilo M.O.E. With time, the talented artist has beautifully sharpened his qualities and his abilities to contribute a distinctive sound to the hip-hop scene. His music is influenced mostly by the sounds of the late 70s and early 80s classic, to which the hip-hop producer inputs his addictive…


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B3nzo has come up with his third hit single, “Came From”. The whole tempo of the song is based off the beginning of the hook and it stands out. “Look where we came from, no wonder how we came up”. It is a relatable verse in so many ways. The listener can hear the pain, passion, and fire in B3nzo’s voice. He states “I am on a different page, just focus…


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Topeka Based Hip Hop Artist Sawab Jaleel Hazim is Ready to Indulge the Crowd with His Upcoming Single ‘Hateon'

Kansas, Entrepreneur and community servant and Hip Hop scholar, teacher, and performer Sawab Jaleel Hazim, affectionately known as SJ is creating substantial waves of social, cultural, and creative inspiration. His newest musical project, ‘I Pressed On’ includes the single ‘Hateon’ that is available for pre-order with an upcoming video leading the Charge in which a trailer has been released via social media and other locations. His eclectic interests have led him to be involved in various…


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P.u.s.h has released his next hit single, “Up To Me”. This song flows with the current events. This balance of reality and lyrics brings the song to life. Verses are well depicted with pictures of him and his family in the cover art. “It’s up to me, I gotta be the change I wanna see.”

Make sure you follow P.u.s.h via…


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Welcome to the world of KiidTruth, one of the hottest Independent Artists coming out of Montana. He brings out vibes and a similar approach as Drake. He can sing and rap, which sets him apart and ahead from other acts. The beat selection for “Mood” is as smooth as his acting in this video. The song starts off with a catchy verse “She told me she loved…


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