‘Ain’t Over You’ by Dr Buzzworm has All the Necessary Elements of Pop Music

Pop music is one music genre that has repetitive beats yet it sounds absolutely mind-blowing. It has smooth and dreamlike music which gradually changes to some hard beats. The memorable music is incredible to witness. So, if you are already a fan of pop music, you must listen to Dr Buzzworm on Soundcloud. His song – "Ain't Over You" has delicately placed beats that sounds beautiful. The immaculately crafted tunes are gorgeously placed and musically matched. It offers a certain mood that sounds like country music in certain places. The ambience of the song is wonderful and makes fans go absolutely crazy.

Dr Buzzworm is yet at it again with his another song – "Ain't Over You". The song is gorgeous to witness with underlying sentiment that attaches itself with the fans. The concept of the song is relevant and is certainly inspiring to enjoy with progressive tunes and beats.

The stunning hooks explode into life and satisfy fans in a huge way. This stunning song thoughtfully floats with various elements. It is a totally pleasurable song with original hooks and verses that captivate audiences on Soundcloud. Every line and turn in the song is commonly connected in a beautiful way, which lends the song an amazing vibe. So, if you are intrigued with Dr Buzzworm, or want to listen to more of his songs, head to Soundcloud. Also, connect and follow him on Facebook.

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