1) Hey there Kimistry! Congratulations on your recent single release of "NLFM"! Did your vision for the sound remain constant all throughout the curative/recording process, or did you find you changed around the perspective?
Thank you so much. I’m excited about this single and the upcoming project as well. My vision for Nothing Left For Me was me reflecting a situation. I felt betrayed. I felt hurt. I felt anger. But eventually felt better about the realization acceptance of the situation. I had nothing left to say. I knew what I knew and had to make a choice. I chose not to allow myself to become depressed and completely bent outta shape due to someone’s actions I couldn’t control. 
2) We felt prominent ties to contemporary R&B with this song. Do you classify your sound as a specific genre?
Um.... if I were to answer traditionally it would be R&B. However, I do acknowledge I have a different sound and style of writing. It’s like 90s with a modern twist. I was once told if Mary J and Jill Scott had a kid it would be Kimistry. Not sure how that would come to be but that’s what I was once told. 
3) What would you say the intended theme of the song was?
To tell the truth. There was nothing Left For me to say but k. 
5) Thanks, Kimistry for coming on Desert Storm to talk about "NLFM"! Where do you see the future direction of you and your music from here?!
Thank you so much for this interview. I truly appreciate it!  It’s the first of many I’m hoping. I want people to get to know me and relate so these interviews are paramount coupled with listening to the lyrics of my songs.  I’m working on an EP right now as I promote the single. I’m working with one of the dopest in the business James Worthy and I also have a couple dope ass producers. I mean I see myself and my music as the sky is the limit. I am motivated to Lloyd this dream until the end

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