Artist Of The Week: Benji Bear Signs To Bricksquad Mafia West And Talks New Music

who is Benji_Bear?  Well we are here to let you know he is definitely neXt up in the music industry. 
Born June 25, 1986 in the city of  New Brunswick, New Jersey.
 Benjamin Josiah Williams
 is the youngest of six children. The certified
 "creep king" or "king of creep"
 based on the type of topics sung or rapped about in his music, which these topics are quite unique, topics can be compared to the things seen on that famous television show
 "MAURY". Benji comes from both a
 Belizean and American family. Growing up he sates, it was easy for him to fit into almost every crowd of people. Very intriguing also, we came to find out he has a very deep and far ties with the cities of
Los Angeles
 and many in the state of
 "Gang Life". By the time he was
 21 all the criminal activity
 caught up to him and caused him to do a
ten year bid. YIKES!!!!!!!!! 
 from prison on 10\26\2015, he moved back to his home state of New Jersey. Living in Newark New Jersey, he met a
 local rapper
 Nye Beezy from span>Zoomob\Zoogang\Island Boyz  ( also from Newark, New Jersey), he was very much inspired and intrigued by Nye Beezy, so in no time he starting on music himself.  Eventually he met
 (Known Manager in New Jersey),
 Fetty Wap, and
Remyboy Monty. Shortly after he made a song with the local rappers, Nye Beezy and
 (Fetty Wap artist) ,Benji knew it was time to take his music serious and to the next level. As of now Benji_bear  is part of
Bricksquad Mafia West, managed by
OGMack Drama
 (known for Waka flocka and Gucci mane success) and also great friend,
(Nanatmp) Vice president of the  
" Back and Forth" Ft VioletHaze
 (singer\songwriter also affliliated with Bricksquad) hitting 35.5 K plays in just a couple weeks. Here we leave you with a bit more of Benji 

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