Bangout Billz Presents Bangout Season 2

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Bangout Billz releases the follow up to his first mixtape, Bangout Season, with Bangout Season 2. The second installment is only 10 tracks, which may seem a little short to some fans, however you hardly notice it. Bangout displays his musical versatility and creativeness, using Bangout Season 2 to explore different melodies and experiment with a couple new beat selections. While staying true to his subject matter of women, money, cars, and alcohol, Bangout also manages to show us a different side. He seems to be enjoying the music making process. Bangout Season 2 sees him feeling more comfortable in his ability to not only deliver consistent, strong raps, but also to make quality music and strive to make hits.

Delivering more powerful tracks for the ladies this time around, Bangout has not only enhanced his sound, but also the song direction. With captivating lyrics and metaphors that get deeper than just clever word play, most of the songs on Bangout Season 2 leave you listening from start to finish. The project also sports no features, which is a testament to the dedication and time Bangout has put into this collection of songs. As the cover suggests, money is a major player and motivation in the life of Bangout Billz. For every song catered to the female audience, there is one or more for the critics who want to hear more "NY rap". With bravado and over-hyperbole, Bangout paints a vivid picture of how and why he spends his money, and why he continues to get so much more of it.

Bangout Season 2 is short, yes. But it also full of original beats, melodies, lyrics, concepts and a new and improved Bangout Billz. It is exactly the teaser Bangout wants, because the summer is right around the corner, and he has visuals ready to drop this summer off of Bangout Season 2. It'll definitely leave you wanting more.

Instagram: @Bangoutbillz

For more info contact Parnell Gervais @ Thorough Consulting 631.664.4927

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