#BREAKINGNEWS Introducing Stefanie Marquez New Artist On The Rise!

International Australian Pop singer and Model Stefanie Marquez is headed to a great start to 2016. With her flaming-hot fierce image, undeniable vocal skills and club bangers it is easy to say that she appeals to many listeners, but it is her love for music and go-getting attitude which has led her in the right path to success! There is no doubt that Stefanie Marquez will be a lot more known to the public in the near future.

In late 2014 Australian International Pop singer Stefanie Marquez signed a record deal with BDL4LIFE Entertainment. Since then she has been featured on the hottest major sites on the internet such as Hot 97 "Next To Blow", Hip-Hop Vibe, Thisis50.com, MTV and magazines such as M Mens Magazine, Your World Magazine, and El Barrio Magazine. With Stefanie’s undeniable incredible vocal skills, she has also been keeping her audience in tuned with videos of her singing covers of hit songs, one of them in particularly going Viral on “Idiscoverstars with over 15000 views!” TV. The release of her recent single “Thirsty” created a buzz which led to plays on radio stations, and live radio interviews in Australia and the United States and performances at some of the most popular clubs in Australia and Miami FL. Her song “Thirsty” Feat Black Ice also made the top 100 independent charts on Coast2coast radio and was released in stores worldwide.

With all that hype it doesn’t stop there! Last year Stefanie Marquez toured in Miami FL and made 3 Music Videos for her Recent and upcoming singles which will be dropping 2016 along with her EP which will also be in stores worldwide. Her three main singles include “Thirsty” “FWU” and “Cheating”. “When it comes to my music and myself as an artist I like to be quite versatile, I like being creative and trying new things.” She quotes. I guess that’s what makes me different from other artists, I’m not scared to experiment and challenge myself.” “I think it will keep my fans and supporters interested and will also reveal different sides to me as an artist and a person so people will be able to really understand me and my story as I continue to express myself through my music and music videos”.

Stefanie Marquez and BDL4LIFE Entertainment are working extremely hard on the upcoming projects with talks of more radio play and TV/film placements. “She has worked extremely hard to get where she is and we are very proud of her efforts and our own, we are getting a lot of good feedback from all our supporters and reps so there’s no doubt her hard work will pay off very soon and I’m glad to say I can become a part of her journey”.

You can subscribe to Stefanie Marquez on YouTube and follow her on twitter and Instagram @mzmarquezbdl. Below there is a link you can also download her single “Thirsty” 


Check out Stefanie Marquez's latest cover of Hello by Adele

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