EZ Battery Reconditioning 

The shielding on this cable is optional, also it is not UL approved. This wire is still very similar to the 190 wire. The difference here is that the 110 does not have the UL approval of the 190 wire. This wire is approved to withstand temperatures between -40°C and 80°C. It also will be able to handle up to 500 volts of electricity. And it is made with an oil resistant PVC jacket.

These cables are more commonly used in stationary applications. But they do also come in both standard flex and continuous flex options. These wires were made with the intention of being used in industrial applications, machine tools and other electrical machinery. They come made with multiple conductors and can come with shielded pairs.

The VFD stands for variable frequency drive. These wires typically come with a foil tape and a tinned copper shield for extra protection. The insulation on the wires can vary as well; they can be PVC, TPE, or even Elastomer Alloy. VFD cables are specifically intended for robotics usage. Some of the VFD wires are made with foil tape and a tinned copper braided shield, and a lot of the wires have multiple approvals.

Each of these Olflex cables is ideal for a different kind of application. Make sure to do your research when looking to make a purchase. Find out if your wire needs to be approves, does it need shielding, does it need to be flexible or a continuous flex cable? Just make sure to be positive of what you need before purchasing a cable, you wouldn't want to end up with the wrong one.


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