Cloud Nine fuses trap with laid-back vibes in new singles

MEMPHIS, TN – Tevin Andrews’ family raised him on hip-hop. It was rare for a day to pass when there wasn’t NWA or Big Daddy Kane playing in the background. Given that this was a way of life for as long as he can remember, it only makes sense that he would grow up to become a hip-hop artist himself.

Today, the young man out of Memphis, Tennessee goes by the stage name Cloud Nine. His unique sound and style are giving the music industry something new to pay attention to, and his three new singles are already turning heads all across the East Coast.

The first single is a song called “Work,” which is already available on all digital distribution sites. True to his signature sound, this song highlights Cloud Nine’s ability to fuse trap with old-school rap underneath a mellow, laid-back “stoner” vibe. It’s a song that explores all the ways a person can work for the money they need just to get by. Cloud Nine said he knows most people will be able to relate to it because everyone has to work to pay the bills in some way or another.

His next two singles haven’t been released yet but are primed to drop later this month. The first is a single called “Do The Dash,” and it was produced by Purps, who is known for his work with 808 Mafia. It’s a song that Cloud Nine said “hits on the gas pedal of life.”

“It’s about me coming from a down place and making it from that and building my own lane and doing the dash,” he said. “It’s about going as fast I can to take off. I relate a lot of it to a speeding in a car, but it’s more about building my own lane and getting ahead in life.”

His third single, “About My Green,” is also slated to drop later this month. Unlike its predecessors, this song takes a sample from one of R&B’s legends. Cloud Nine uses samples from Al Green’s “Love and Happiness” in this song about getting money.

“I love making money,” he said. “Who doesn’t? That’s what this song is about. It’s more laid back, but it has a trap aspect to it. It kind of fuses trap and chill vibes, which is a lot of what my music is. I got my name Cloud Nine from a group of friends back in high school because I was
always on Cloud Nine and my music mainly caters to trap and stoner crowds. I’m smoking on stage the majority of the time, and when people hear my music it makes them want to take out something and smoke it right there on the spot. But I also give some of my own personal experiences and maintain a positive vibe through all my music.”

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