Conscious Living - How to Get Started

The Law of Attraction is not as complicated as 15 Minute Manifesation  it may seem; it's actually working for you right now -- automatically. You are receiving some version of reality each and every moment of your existence; and that reality is the product of the things that came before it. You don't have to be able to wrap your mind around the science or philosophy of this concept to make the Law of Attraction work for you; but you do need to know these four-simple things:

Be specific with your thoughts and desires. In order to get exactly what you want in life, you must know exactly what that is. You must form a mental image, construct, or pattern in order for the thing you want to take shape in your experience. You don't have to spend all your time thinking about what you want; but you do have to think specifically - and positively - about what you want in order to Cultivate and Express Gratitude, Appreciation, and Love. These emotional states are signals to you that your thoughts are properly aligned to receive your desires. Of course you could take shortcuts, such as using trickery or treachery to obtain what you want in life, but that's a different thing altogether - one that brings its own set of karmic repercussions. The attitude of gratitude and love is the energy that draws things toward you; and, in the meantime, there are many more benefits to cultivating these states of mind and emotion than just getting what you want.

Be Patient. If you say, "I've tried being grateful and patient, but nothing happened yet!" then you haven't truly let-go of the anxiety around Not Receiving what you want; and you haven't truly achieved the state of mind you should be seeking. Don't be fooled or frustrated by the passage of time; learn to be grateful and patient no matter what - make these things a new way of living and being. There is a reason wise men have always said things like, "Patience is a virtue," and, "Good things come to he who waits." There may be things you need to do; but probably not as much as you think. Relax and listen for guidance from within.

Take Inspired Action. Work smarter, not harder; wait and listen for inspiration before simply doing things to make your world change faster than it seems to be changing. But don't rush the things you are compelled to do; do them with great care, attention, and patience and you will be rewarded greatly. If you have learned to "be still," and you have cultivated the first three-items on this list, then you will be inspired and guided to do the things that lead you to your dreams and goals - or those things that will draw your desires into your experience. Sometimes you are inspired to take massive action; but remember that Prayer is a very powerful action - oftentimes much more powerful than physical efforts.

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