D-Reck$ rises from hardships of drug capital of the
Northeast to showcase fly lifestyle

LAWRENCE, MA – Born and raised in the poverty-ridden city of Lawrence, Massachusetts, Derek D-Reck$ Romano is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist who is turning heads all along the East Coast.

Coming from a place where you either choose to sell drugs to make money, or choose to live in poverty, D-Reck$ decided to choose a different lifestyle by turning to music. By age 13 he was writing raps and recording on a tape recorder. By age 15 he had purchased a PC and an Mbox to create cheap, quality records that he would put on Datpiff. He eventually formed the hip-hop group Gully Grindaz. But by age 18 he was broke and had no choice but to find different ways to make money. He often found himself on the streets, doing whatever he could to make an extra buck, and it wasn’t until age 27 that he eventually returned to music.

Now he’s ready to announce that return with his debut solo album called “469,” which takes its name from the street number and building that he grew up in.

“That building burned down when I was 16, and I believe that saved my life,” he said. “I probably would still be living there to this day if that hadn’t happened. But by being forced to leave, I eventually got my own place and found a way to make it. Before that, the environment around me wasn’t a nice one. It was very hectic and there were crack heads everywhere and I had to learn how to move in that environment. It’s the drug capital of the Northeast. So that building burning down is what made me the man I am today.”

That story and the journey from that point makes up the lyrics and stories found throughout the upcoming album, which he hopes to drop June 4. The first single from the album is already available, however. It’s called “10K A Day,” and is a mid-tempo song that he said will have listeners bobbing their heads.

“It’s a song that talks about the kind of way that I like to get money,” he said. “I try to get $10K a day to get nice and fly and live the lifestyle that I want to live. Some people think of rappers as these Soundcloud musicians with pink hair or something. I’m not about that. I’m high in fashion. I have a different sound that’s not like anyone else in the game. If you give me a chance, you’re gonna see that I’m not like anyone you’ve ever heard before.”

Toward that end, D-Reck$ said the album will feature a lot of “designer talk”. He wants to focus on “getting fly and making money and living life to the fullest.”

To listen to D-Reck$’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:

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