Deep House Composer DJ KO is Spreading Energetic Vibes with ‘Rememberances’

Electronic dance Music is indeed the most trending genres that has gone huge transition with the coming up of new artists. The genre has surprised its fans with its innovative approach with the artists who are trying to take this genre in the top-notch position in the world music list. EDM is the charm of any kind of celebrations for it sets the ambience of relaxation. One artist named DJ Ko is adding new dimension to this genre with the tracks of his debut RP “The Palm City” now out on soundCloud. Although every single of the EP is amazing but the track “Rememberances” has an unconditional power to take fans to the world free of stress and tension.

DJ Ko aka Jonathan Colon is a native of Albuquerque who is making people dance to his exotic beats. DJ Ko is a popular DJ in the city with a long list of female followers. He masters over deep house and tribal deep house with his own signature styles. Each and every single of the EP focuses on different themes all that are related to life and experiences. The track releases positivity in the air and motivates listeners to live an optimistic life. “Rememberances” is truly a masterpiece.

Check out to listen this Deep House track 'Rememberances' by DJ Ko :

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