Desert Storm Radio Presents: Detokz - Trenches [Prod. By Nard & B]

Detokz AKA Yung Bubba is a solo artist from Georgetown, SC. He is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and inspiring to touch all aspects in the entertainment industry. Born October 21st, 1992. moved to Columbia, SC, when he was 20. he's been making music since he was 12 years old.

Detokz has no genre in his music, he is influenced by many artist and styles. His #1 producer (Tall) is who he orchestrates his unique coming of age modern sound with. He is very versatile, any beat is in jeopardy. He can be lyrical like his song "Trenches", then a whole different scale of music all in one album.. From the trap to commercial radio hits to Women's playlist he makes music beyond measures. 

Detokz says in his latest interview "When your from a small city like Georgetown , its not much opportunity for inner city young black men. The celebrities are hood-stars, either you sweat for the school in their jersey or you in the streets. Its hard to be on one side. 

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