Desert Storm Radio Presents: New York Rapper Tay Evans Releases New Record "Too Long"

Tay Evans has quite a story to tell.

Born and raised in Upstate New York, Tay was destined for a life in music. From an early age, Tay’s musical literacy was well-defined and curated by his parents, whose collection included everything from Stevie Wonder to Pink Floyd. The eclectic nature of his upbringing helped shape Tay’s appreciation for music as a whole, and would later become apparent in his work.

It didn’t take long for Tay to discover hip hop. In fact, he fell in love with it in elementary school, and he immediately became a student of the game. With a steady diet of lyricist like Nas, KRS-ONE, Blackstar, Kool G. Rap, along with the producers such as DJ Premier, J Dilla, and Pete Rock, Tay was inspired, primed, and ready to become an artist in his own right. From the moment he put pen to paper, Tay was telling his story.

The home recording revolution of the early 2000s allowed a new generation of musicians to create beyond their wildest dreams. This is especially true for Tay; upon discovering DAW software, he worked tirelessly to see his vision through from the written page to the finished product. Not only a highly skilled lyricist, Tay’s instincts for production became evident, as he began making beats in addition to his exercising his vocal talents. At such a young age, Tay prodigiously polished off tracks in great quantity and quality. He had become the total package.

But Tay’s journey did not come without roadblocks. At the age of 15, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and began using drugs and alcohol to cope. Tay’s family soon after relocated to South Carolina, where his addiction got progressively worse. He spent the majority of his adolescence and early adulthood in jails, rehabs, and psychiatric hospitals.

After years of struggle and turmoil, Tay’s life almost ended due to Crohn’s-related symptoms, and he underwent two back-to-back emergency surgeries. Fortunately, a spiritual awakening allowed Tay to recover. With a mended mind, body, and soul, he now lives sober one day at a time, and devotes his life to sobriety, family, hard work, and music.

Through it all, music was the outlet for the physical, mental, and emotional pain that Tay endured.

Tay’s music, at its core, is autobiographical. With each track, you’re experiencing an entry into journal of a person who has withstood all obstacles, coming so close to defeat and yet holding on and pushing through. Tay’s compelling, razor-sharp lines oscillate between personal narratives and social commentaries. His cadence and approach are confident and incendiary. There are no gimmicks, no trends, and no desire to adapt to what is deemed commercially viable. For Tay Evans, music is life, and vice versa. With every twist and turn, Tay continues to tell his story.
Instagram: @TayEvansMusic
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Snapchat: TayEvans_Music

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