DJ Alize Is Known For Breaking Some Of The Hottest Records We Listen To Today

At an early age DJ Alize discovered that the love for music was in his blood. Based off his skills with mixing records, he knew he was born to be one of the hottest DJ’S of all time. In the borough of Queens, where people don’t really come from much, inspired DJ Alize to make a name for himself, so he quickly started investing in his craft, after he would watch his mom and friends play some of his favorite tracks.

In his Junior year of High School, DJ Alize was given his first set of a equipment, where he was able to take his career to new heights. From this moment on he would travel all over the 5 boroughs and upstate to Rochester NY, to play music at some of the dopest venues in the city. Here is where DJ Alize started to began to add huge accolades to his resume.

Furthermore, the young aspiring veteran began to go harder than ever before. DJ Alize enrolled in college, decided to buy his own equipment, and elevated rapidly from DJing at venues, to spinning at school sponsor parties, and later on throwing his own house parties. A new skillset was formed in the mist of the moment and DJ Alize found himself mixing mixtapes for mainstream and indie artists.

Now you can find him DJing on Impact Radio every Saturday from 6pm - 10pm, where he can community is creativity to open the industry doors, which he was successful did by breaking records. DJ Alize has also been billed to work at clubs where celebrities pulled up to party and major DJ’s would come spin at. I highly recommend you get in tune with this superstar. He is somebody you would want to know.

Instagram: @iamdjalize
Twitter: @iamdjalize

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