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It is obvious that the problems of the poor will reduce with more money because most of their problems are rooted in lack of money. Most unfortunately, a major irony in peoples' financial attitudes is that the rich (who have more money than they need) believe that more money creates less problems, while the poor (who have less money than they need) believe that more money creates more problems. This is one of the reasons the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. This poverty myth is a major enemy of financial success.

It is one of the factors that account for the ill financial destinies of the poor. It may not be irrational to remark that whoever believes that more money causes more problems will be at home with poverty since he believes that money worsens his condition of existence. One of the most significant lessons from this discourse is that financial success starts from the mind. You will never get it right in your actions until you get it right in your thinking because the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your actions, and consequently, the quality of the results you get.

Once while I was attending a motivational talk session on wealth creation, the keynote speaker made a bold pronouncement by saying that; 'money is a defense, and therefore, the lack of it is an offence.' Suddenly the entire atmosphere was arrested by a cacophony of noise as a section of the audience who agreed with the speaker's statement applauded loudly and nodded encouragingly at him, while another section showed their disapproval with a disgruntled uproar. With this, the house became divided and turned into an unnecessary debate that went on for several minutes until the speaker was compelled to rephrase his statement in order to save time. Make of this story what you will, but on that very day I came to a logical conclusion that there are three different mindsets which basically determines how human beings perceive money, and arguably, they can be characterized as Rich-Minds, Poor-Minds, and Lost-Minds. 

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