Don Elway pays homage to murdered brother
throughout his music career

SAN DIEGO, CA – Born in 1989 in Los Angeles, Don Elway moved to San Diego at the age of 7. Three years later he was writing raps and recording music, already embracing a music career at a very young age. He saw early success opening shows and even headlining shows in his city. By 2010 he was able to release his first solo project called “Elway or Noway,” which led to tours and performances all over the country. And then in 2012 tragedy struck. His brother, Stephen “Outlaw” McClendon – his only sibling – was shot and killed. The experience gutted him, and the only outlet for his grief was his music. The result was one of the best pieces of work he’d ever created.

That hard work has paid off over the past few years, as Don Elway has seen a steadily rising wave of followers and an increase in music sales and requests for performances. He released a full album in 2016 called “Audible,” which was very well received. And now he’s set to release the sequel to it, “Audible 2,” sometime this summer. The first single from that album, “Flight (Turbulence),” is already out and available on all digital music distribution sites.

“It’s a more urban hip-hop track,” Elway said of the single. “I came from the streets, and so I talk about what I’ve been through. But I’m also versatile and this song shows some of that off. More than anything it’s a song about being triumphant. Even in the dark I shine bright. I know that if I’m having fun with my music, the listener will have fun, too. And I hope that anyone who hears it will know that even if their lives have been dark, there’s gonna be light.”

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