Dony Ros Interview With Desert Storm Radio

Who is Dony Ros and how would you describe yourself as an artist? Dony Ros was a name given to me by a childhood friend. My real name is Roscoe, and he always use to call me Dony Ros. I wasn't feeling it at first, but once I started recording music and people started to get familiar with the name eventually I ran with it.

What was life like for you after losing your parents? Life was real lonley after loosing my mom. On Mother's Day I always shed tears or just went into hibernation for a while. Loosing my dad was even worse cause he raised me and my younger brother for the most part. None the less it has made me stronger mentally and spiritually.

As a music artist do you see your music bringing hip hop back to its essence? Yes most definitely!!! My lyrics will always bring you back to that era when lyrics actually meant something, as to now where all you need is a hot beat and chorus.

How do you feel about the music today being a rapper from the 90's? Piggy backing off what I just stated, real hip hop still does exists but its slim pickings. I'm what you may call last of the dying breed.

When it comes to media outlets...Has anyone reached out to you for interviews? If so why? No one has really reached out to me for interviews. I'm the one who had to do the hounding I guess when your considered "local talent" thats the type of politics you have to manuver around.

Where can people find you on social media? You can find me on Twitter: @DonyRos IG: @Dony_Ros Facebook: Dony Ros

Here Is Where You Can Watch His Performance At Club Lit.

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