Flowboy Duce Talent Earns Him Respect From Mainstream Executives

Flowboy Duce is an incredible hip hop artist, who can easily bring life back to Hip Hop world with his intellectual ideas and lyrical content. His new single "Bigger Cakes" has been buzzing in the streets and clubs all summer long, opening up many doors for him to perform in front of a huge amount of people and celebrities. This is one of the reasons why I'm not shocked to hear that Flowboy Duce was born and raised in the Bronx, where Hip Hop was birthed.His demeanor, word play, delivery, and charisma is on another level. It's just something about his voice that makes you wanna move when his record drops. Recently Jaquae and SNS came out to support Flowboy Duce at Harlem Nights, after hearing his latest single. They both shared the stage with him to show their appreciation for the culture. This phenomenal move lead to another performance opportunity for Flowboy Duce. Last month he got the chance to for Brandon Barnes, from "Growing Up In Hip Hop Atlanta" showcase for his new label "Next Big Star" thanks to Legends in The Making Inc, who recently formulated a partnership with them.

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Twitter: @flowboyduce

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