Friday Santana is a 15 year old artist from Australia making moves all around the world with his music. After keeping a close eye on him over the past few months, Friday Santana is well known for his ability to create melodies that accompanied the listeners. With the creation of Friday Santana’s unique and perfected sound that represents him strongly as the rising vocalist fabricates a distinct sound that permits the listeners to feel as they’re in the moment with the artist; furthermore, this gives an allowance to the fans to grasp the emotional concept that Friday Santana is seeking to display. Between intense lyrics & incredibly dark vibes throughout the listening of Santana’s songs, the painted picture displays itself becoming clearer and easy to understand for those that may not be as familiar with the young creative. With a very promising catalog to his name right now after surpassing millions of streams on multiple different platforms, Friday Santana is becoming an R&B legend.

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