Georgia Recording Artist, T.Dae Releases New Mixtape,''Lord I Try(The L.I.T. Tape)'' & Presents Official Music Video For The Single Off The Mixtape,''Etiquitte''

T.Dae, born june 30th 1991, is a kid who was always a introvert with a style that could never be pin pointed. He was Born in Atlanta, Ga and lived there for about 8-9 years until being moved just south of the city in an area called clayton county. Dae learned to embrace the different environment and thrive. Once he got settled in his new area he began to form a new habit or hobby rather. He wrote his first rap verse and has been writing and sequencing rhymes ever since. Although he loved music and rapping, he had other talents that often caused him to put rapping on the back burner at this point of life where he felt the need to push for something more conventional and lucrative. But around 16-17 sports and academics became more and more of a job to him than something that he actually enjoyed. This led to him picking back up on his rap hobby where he would always enjoy the work being done and never had a dull moment. After getting involved a little more deeply he began to actually record music through his ironically younger cousin who was a talented young music engineer. After his first song he recorded, it felt surreal and didnt set in until he received feedback from local peers. Upon receiving great feedback, this propelled his confidence as an artist and gave him a whole new outlook on rap music and drove him to take it seriously. Now from about that age of 17 to about 22, Dae still involved himself in the music world and continued writing and recording (however he could) but he still didn't realize that this was the career he wanted. He tried working on numerous occasions and would always do so to support his music and other hobbies but it wasn't enough. While in school, Dae took a break on working so in return he indulged deeper into the music, linking up with other artists and producers who were up and coming. At this point, rap is almost second nature to him and he would boastfully showcase his skills by battling other rappers and making music for the local college kids. By the time he returned home from school for good, he realized that music was his career and this is the time to take it serious. So from about 2014 to this point now he has been full time involved in the music and has seen and caught many breakthroughs but is still awaiting his big break patiently. He believes that consistency is the key in this business and he will continue to be exactly that.

Check out the mixtape ''Lord I Try (The Lit Tape)'' by T. Dae:

Check out the single off of the mixtape,''Etiquette'':

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