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Don't assume that someone will remember you, no matter how much of an impact you think you made. When you follow up, remind the person of who you are, where you work, what you spoke about and any other relevant information that might reinforce their recollection of you. If you save them the trouble of trying to remember the specifics, they can focus on why you're reaching out and what they might gain from responding.

You may not have had much time to talk during your initial introduction. When you follow up, nail down a time in the near future when you can have a detailed discussion about a potential partnership or employment opportunity. In doing so, your follow up can be quick and concise, allowing you to prepare for a more in-depth conversation down the road.

When you finally have the opportunity to discuss in-length about the business relationship you and your counterpart could form, remind yourself of why you want to work with this person. Go into the meeting with your goal at the forefront of your thoughts and pursue the type of partnership you seek. This second meeting could potentially seal the fate of your future success - make the most of it!

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