The Amazing You 

Note these easy but smart tips for quick weight loss from fitness and nutrition experts.

There is a simple harsh truth or good truth in your life and it depends on your point of view. The truth is if you want to lose weight, reduce pain, have more energy or better manage autoimmune disease, then you need to stop consuming processed foods.

When I mention this most people look at me slightly stunned and then the standard objections come out. What will I eat? I get sugar cravings if I try to stop those foods.

If you quit eating and drinking foods and drinks and you decide that it will be great for your health and that you will have plenty of good things to eat and you won't ever have to be hungry, then your transition to better eating will mostly be smooth with only the occasional longing for some junky carbs.

However if you start this with a mindset that it will be hard, that you won't know what to eat and that you will be hungry and craving for sugar then you will most likely have a hard time. Of course some people are surprised how easy it is in spite of pre stressing about the change.

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