I Know That You Can (feat. Freddie White)

Words to the Press Release: - There are many songs that has inspirations of words to be said, and many people today need encouragement though any situation to get though the hard times. Angel Sessions brings that in this new song, "I Know That You Can." Angel quotes, "I've written so many songs, well over thousands of them, but I started thinking about what the world is going though with so many negative things happening around us, we can sometimes get discouraged and loose site of what we are trying to accomplish. I wanted to write this song to inspirer people and give them something to think about. I want people to be encourage and never give up no matter what. I know sometimes that's hard to do when you feel alone, and you might have haters around you telling you that you can't do this or that. You might even have those you thought believed in you, will turn their backs on you, because they don't want to see you make it. I'm here to say that I know that you can do it." The music is written by platinum producer, Antontio Tizone Street who has work with some of the hottest mainstream and indie artists in show business. Angel and Tizone created together one of their best work. The song has a sweet mid-tempo vibe to it and a catchy hook. The words written by Angel will certainly make you want to listen over and over again. Freddie Fonk, bass player for Lenny Williams is also featured on the song adding his amazing Roger Troutman sound, the talk box. The single is now release worldwide on all digital mainstream stores and streaming sites. Altas Elite Entertainment LLC celebrates their first lady of AEE Angel Sessions for the success of her current album "I'm Who I Am." alone with the new single release, Angel is also offering her fans to have a chance to be apart of her new upcoming video for the single, by submitting their 5 second video using their cell phone, and saying, I know that you can. Sumit your video to info@atlaseliteentertainment.com. Get ready for another great record by national and international

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