Jordii Li: Music and Poetry For The Soul

Jordii Li is a singer, poet, and song writer from the Bronx. He started writing poetry and songs as a child when he found out music was his passion. Unfortunately where he grew up at wasn't easy for him to escape getting caught up in the street life as a gang banger. He quickly realized this life would only lead him in jail or even dead, so he decided to get saved in church. As he continued to hone his talent he eventually was recognized of his hard work, which landed him a job as an A&R at a management firm where artist was being managed from both
Bad Boy and
Jive Records. Jordii Li also found himself writing songs for people like
Chris Brown,
Carl Thomas, and
Omarion. After having so much success he decided to work on his first album that he released in 2012 called
Arranged Noise. Later on down the line he found himself wanting to get into acting which was also a success for him. He has performed in a Cinemax Feature called
"Bravo" and has made appearances on
Starz Series called

Overboard which is his new single,
Round Robyn,
I love U's ft. Jeff Nortey,
Blind, and
Cuttin U Off. In these songs he spoke about the love he had for his girlfriend who broke his heart. All he ever tried to do was give her the world, being her ride or die, and treating her like a special queen. She didn't appreciate his love though and would cheat on him, walk out on him knowing that he really loved her. No matter what he would say she showed no remorse in her wrong doings, so he to find himself sleeping with her friend causing more chaos. He stated that she was blind to his love and that and that she would get back what she put out. He feels she should have never played with his heart if she wasn't ready to be in a relationship. What upset him the most was the fact that she acted as if her life was great when he was suffering in so much pain. At the end she realized that he was the only one who truly loved her but that was when it became to late. The pain she caused him and the statements she made wouldn't allow him to welcome her back with open arms. From this point on he expressed that she took his love for granted when she threw it away. He no longer has any kiss nor hugs for her and never wants to be with her again. Someone who is deserving will appreciate his love.

If you ever fell in love with someone and ended up breaking up with them, I know you can relate to Jordiili music. I highly recommend that you all support him because he is talented, versatile, creative, and has a unique sound. His songs touched me deeply and showed me the importance of treating people who love you right whether your in a relationships, have a friendship, or its family. Love is a powerful word that most people seem to use in vain. It's not just about saying you love someone you must show that you care for a person as well.

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