a·bun·dant /əˈbəndənt/ adjective : existing or available in large quantities; plentiful.
having plenty of. Ample. Copious. Generous. RICH! LAVISH!

Abundant Records LLC was created in January 2021 by GHXST305 and Henny Hendrx.

Henny Hendrx aka Yannick Beaudouin Lortie is an Artist, Composer, Musician, Producer  and Songwriter hailing from Toronto Canada.

The multi-talented artist has performed in renowed venues/festivals like the BeachClub in Montreal, A3C Festival in Atlanta and more.
Hendrx has also shared the stage with notable major acts such as Big Sean, Waka Flocka Flame, Tiesto and more.

Mainly known for his music production and composition, this year (2021) Henny has decided to begin showcasing his artistry and his vocal abilties.

Just Business is just the first stepping stone for GHXST305, Henny Hendrx and Abundant Records.
Be sure to follow and keep an eye out for their content as they show a lot of potential to shake things in the industry as an independant label and plans to release new music continuously throughout the year. In Abundance!
Check Out The New Banger "Just Business" Now! 

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