Kanardo - Facade Now (Prod. by TheTrill)

Kanardo embraces family legacy of quality music, continues tradition
with new single ‘Façade Now’

COLUMBUS, OH – When Kanardo Davis thinks about the legacy he can leave through his music, he can’t help but think of his family. His grandmother started a path unknowingly many years ago when she named her son Kanardo – a unique name that she discovered while at a restaurant when she was young. That son passed the name down to his son, and now the name has been passed to yet a third generation to Davis’ young boy. But that’s not all that has been passed down through the family – music, also, has been a mainstay for the Kanardos. In fact, Davis said he attributes much of what he knows about music and the industry to his father, and he can’t wait to pass on some of that knowledge to his own son to see how he one day will take up the mantle and continue the tradition of making good music for the world.

“My dad was the manager for my Uncle B, Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony, so I grew up seeing what the music industry does, and I’ve been making music for a while now,” Kanardo said. “My dad was also able to get my uncle a couple of music deals. And from seeing those things I knew I wanted to kind of take that same route and avenue and see where it takes me. If I could teach my son about music, too along the way, that would be something I’d really love. To show him what it takes to really stand out in a crowd, and how to make money through music, or how to get his point across to a mass audience … that’s something I’ve seen from my uncle passed on to his son, my cousin Lil Bizzy.”

Though Kanardo has been making music for a while, it wasn’t until last year that he began releasing any of that music to the world. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, he said the market isn’t a strong one for hip-hop, and as a result there aren’t a lot of opportunities for new artists to make a big splash. He hopes to change that environment, however, with his new single “Façade Now.” Released in early May, it’s a song that he calls “an attention-grabber.”

“If you want to make it in this industry, that’s not something you can really rely on here in Columbus,” Kanardo said. “I know I have to make a name for myself. And for me that means upping the intensity and rapping really well. I want to establish myself as being one of the better artists out there – as someone who is serious about the craft and art he produces. And so with this song you’ll see that I’m not necessarily more lyrical than anyone else right now, but I am more hard-spoken. The beat on this song is really intense and the words are really intense and my voice is really intense. It’s not like heavy metal, but there is intensity behind it. I hope it’s more of something that somebody can gravitate towards and introduce them to a guy who is consistent with good quality sounding music.”

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