Lawtell, Louisiana is a small town located in the heart of Lousiana.  It is also home of "Brandon Thibodeaux" aka "LAWTELL KING". Since the fifth grade he has written rhymes, public freestyles, performing in his mother's living room and dreaming of one day taking over "BET"(Black Entertainment Television)!  Lawtell King represents struggle, pain, hope, fear, and unapologetic hustle. The streets of Lousiana have already positioned him as the "NEXT BIG THING" and his music keeps the local barbershops buzzing! His "2" summer street anthems "BRICKS & BAIL" & "LIFE I CHOSE" echos the feelings of every black male in his city.  Every time he goes into the booth he has the entire city with him.  His fan base grows daily and people are waiting for his debut EP to drop.  POWER 1079 FM welcomes LAWTELL KING and we're honored to break his smash hit "BRICKS & BAIL".  This is just the beginning for LAWTELL KING& the revolution will be televised!!  

Follow him on twitter & instagram @LAWTELLKING

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