Van Hechter's latest release has recently ripped the airwaves and streams. It has climbed all the way to Number Two on the Top 40 Chart.

This week, "Love Elastic" has topped records by Billie English and Harry Styles.

Van Hechter tributes part of his success to his versatile musical taste.

"I was fortunate enough to have a mother who ADORED pop culture. She knew about Soul, Jazz, Motown, and Disco. Then she explained Punk and New Wave. Also, I studied opera for like 2 minutes and then a punk band recruited me." ~ Van Hechter

"Love Elastic" shows no signs of slowing its momentum any time soon. Van Hechter looks forward to getting back on stage to entertain his supporters.

"Unfortunately, this year 30 Europe gigs were postponed as well as 8 trips to NYC. COVID sucks!" ~ Van Hechter

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