Welcome to the South's best kept secret, M5 ASTRO, which is an acronym for After Struggle There Rose Opportunity. Coming from a small town by the name of Shellman, in the state of Georgia, M5 grew up in the survival mode and struggle. The name fits his past and is present elevated state.
M5 didn't start getting in the booth consistently until he was 18. Not having the focus or the money to do it on a steady pace stopped him from producing hit after hit. Music was his passion, but it took a backseat to life. His acronym always is a constant reminder that even through the darkest times its always a way out.
After much deliberation from him, and anticipation from his fans, M5 ASTRO has started dropping music. His songs are so crisp and clean, and the vocals actually pair well with the beat. Catch him on multiple radio stations and covered on national blogs coming soon. Follow him on IG @m5astro or FB @mfive astro or @M5Astro on Twitter.

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