Meet Kilo M.O.E., the artist who plays the long game

The world of hip-hop is nothing short of a gladiator arena. Most artists are like meteors; they shine bright and then quickly fade away into oblivion. In such a world of one-hit wonders, it is no less than a surprise that Kilo M.O.E. has thrived in the industry for decades.
Like most music artists, Kilo M.O.E. also knew since childhood that he has a passion for music. As a kid, he remembers beating tables, using TV like a microphone, and singing along with his siblings. The 1980s was a time when music underwent a paradigm shift. The artist also spent some years in Munich, Germany where he was exposed to DJ’ing and mixtapes. After returning to the USA in the late 80s, he spent some time on the streets, picking both the style and the music sense from them.
The story of how he picked the name “Kilo M.O.E” is also an interesting one. In the 90s, his attire involved a heavy gold chain with a medallion saying “Kilo”. The term “kilo” referred to a kilogram of coke, which was considered a fortune back then. While he evolved over the years, the name “Kilo” stuck with him. However, he now thinks that the word represents weight and balance for him. In the two decades in the industry, he has released six mixtapes, two music videos and four studio albums.
But the reason why Kilo M.O.E. has survived for so long is his ability to look ahead of the curve. Even during his early days as an artist, he was simultaneously thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. During an interview, he recalled an incident in 2006 when he bumped into a person who was glued to his phone, watching YouTube. That’s when he realized that digital content was the future. After years of struggle, he finally managed to establish On MY Grizzly (OMG) Entertainment in 2012. Kilo M.O.E. believes that the real reason why so many artists get exploited is that instead of solving the existing problem, they become a part of it. OMG Entertainment was created to give a platform to indie artists. It is not simply a distributor or a music label. The company serves as a platform where artists can find an audience for their music and generate revenues directly.
The artist has recently come up with his project “Fly G’z and Palm Treez”. The album, which contains 11 songs, is already gaining traction among the lovers of hip-hop. For Kilo M.O.E., the inspiration for the album can largely from his years in Florida. The five years he spent in Florida were rocky, where he struggled with drugs, infidelity, wastage of money and the disappointment of losing direction in life. So, when he bounced back, he decided to put that experience into words and chords.
He also recently released a song titled ‘Watch What Ya Say’ in collaboration with Hecdakid. He also collaborated on a new project with Alan Dubz, DJ Greenguy and Dank Synatra. Titled ‘Give a Dogg a Bone’, the song is now streaming on Spotify.

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The global COVID-19 pandemic turned the whole world upside down. But Kilo M.O.E. recognized the huge impact it would have on the music industry. The artist has been a long-time advocate for digital content, going as far back as 2001. But the music industry, on the other hand, was rather reluctant to democratize the creation and consumption of music. The COVID-19 pandemic finally forced them to change their ways. Forget singles and albums, whole concerts were moved online and saw a massive response. Kilo M.O.E. personally was also affected by the pandemic. Two of his albums in works were delayed and their marketing put to a halt. He had launched a digital radio station called Weonradio/Weonnation just weeks before the pandemic hit. While the radio station saw great response during the lockdown, his plans to expand it were abrupted.
The year 2021 seems full of promise to the veteran artist. His company OMG Entertainment has been meeting its sales goals excellently so far, and he hopes to hit all targets before this quarter gets over. He is also collaborating with other corporate networks. Now that the pandemic has started to subside, he wants to expand his digital radio stations to other places. Nettabear Custom, a fashion company he founded with his wife, is also expected to expand this year. The fashion company deals with high-end, couture fashion of exclusive clients. He also has his eyes on building an audio/video facility in western Tennessee in the coming months. Lastly, he has not forgotten his love for music and will launch his new project this year.
In simple words, Kilo M.O.E. is going to have a blast. Tha Grizz What It Iz.

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