Minneapolis Independent Radio Show "The Juice" Discusses Racism & Youth Empowerment In Their Newest Podcast

Maryland, (Issuewire.com) - Independent record label O.M.G Entertainment, Inc. owner and recording artist Maurice Jones, better known by his stage name Kilo M.O.E Zoom discussion with other panel members on the Minneapolis independent radio show, ‘The Juice’. with Host Melody Waters.  The panel consisted of Finesse Banks, EMillioEgBar, Kilo M.O.E., and TWAIN talking in depths about how the George Floyd killing has impacted contemporary cultural resurgence along with other topics on community building, education, youth empowerment, and more. The unfortunate turn of events that led to the racial sabotage and killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis was the focal point of discussion of the show. The country is currently seeing people in thousands protesting against racial subjugation at this point of global cultural evolution. However, the various layers of socio-cultural came out in the light yet again, and now that it has, it is time to identify the factors of sustainable change that will lead to a world of compassion. The podcast was conducted over Zoom with a panel consisting of personalities from various walks of life; a DJ, a radio host, an artist, and a community activist. All these people came together to highlight the drawbacks of apparent civilizations and the viable changes that could potentially bring about changes in unity and social distribution of power and its exploitation. Kilo M.O.E discussed the various feasible solutions that can be implemented in educating and empowering youth, the importance of independent musicians and their opinions in the scope of the music business, and how the latest example of police brutality in Minneapolis has changed the dynamics of the country through the outspokenness of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. The radio show has plunged into the depth of closeted racism that is still sadly prevalent in every nook and corner of the society. All discussions have been conjoined in a respectable manner while pointing out the importance of immediate organized change that will lead the country towards salvation and then, prosperity. The panel also discusses their opinions of the on-going matter through first-hand experiences and how the violent protests in Minnesota go deeper than just verbal depiction of demand for change. Racism in America over the year has turned into an integral, conspicuous factor in its definition as a nation and how the protests were bound to break at some point of an extreme threshold. Kilo M.O.E as an important pop culture influence shared his views on the benefits of business in a record label or the collective digital multimedia and how musicians can empower themselves through the thick and thin of social, political, and cultural uncertainties. The incident that shook the nation has also challenged the ongoing redundancy of cultural and racial orthodoxy. This show is about spreading positivity in a time of obscure hope through individual stories and interpretations by the panel. This particular episode of ‘The Juice’ goes beyond the superficiality of industrial exposure and brings to the center table everything that has been played out wrong in the society. A vision that is highlighting the importance of youth and their formative advantage towards grasping the right education and purpose, this show stands out in its attempt to articulate and vocalize the wrongdoings of a slowly declining society and its viable salvations. Media Contact O.M.G Entertainment, Inc. maurice@omgentmusic.com https://weonnation.com

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